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Kieran Wicks Musician Hunter & King Album Cover Kieran Wicks Hitch Hiking with cole clark guitar. Country Dirt Road street sign Worlds End Road Leather Jacket


Learn the stories behind our design collections with our part travel vlog, part tour diary, part history lesson, part wildlife documentary, with moments of debauchery, self-discovery and determination.

From the “Red Centre to the Sea” we invite you intrepid travelers to “Join us on an epic adventure down the rabbit hole and along the yellow brick road, as we make memories together, introducing you to a realm of colourful characters and sharing a swag full of stories steeped in history that transport you through time and space”.

One Town at a Time
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Kieran Wicks Performing Live singing and playing guitar on Stage in Mackay, Border COllie dog asleep on stage Red Stage Curtains

For the past decade Kieran Wicks has navigated the Great Southern Land of Australia performing hundreds of shows to ravenous audiences, whilst simultaneously developing a vast catalogue of songs which are the subsequent soundtrack to the swag of stories he shares here on Living Art Lifestyle.

Live performances exclusive to Living Art Lifestyle

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One Town at a Time Introduction


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Discover the stories that inspire our designs

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Running in Slow Motion by Kieran Wicks (Film Clip)