@kieran.wicks Time to #Reimagine my channel. #adayinthelifeofatouringmuso #backtobasics ♬ original sound - Kieran Wicks

When life throws you a curve ball you have to hit it out of the park or strike out.

In 2020, that curve ball was Covid, and like the rest of world, and countless of my peers, my industry was decimated.
My name is Kieran Wicks, wearing many hats, I’m somewhat of a musician / artist / producer / storyteller from Newcastle, Australia. (www.kieranwicks.com)

Pre-Covid I had spent the previous 6+years traversing Australia performing hundreds of shows across the country as a successful touring musician, whilst simultaneously developing a vast catalogue of interviews, images and videos in the production of my forthcoming docu-series One Town at a Time, which chronicles my journeys.In the six months leading up to the lockdown, between musical jaunts along the Great Ocean Road and wider Victoria, I was in the midst of recording my third and most powerful album to date in Melbourne. And then… with a calendar full of shows booked from the bottom to the top of Australia, the world changed…

With borders closed, and the state of the live music industry at a standstill, I found myself stranded in a strange place with no end in sight, and a career that had taken me a lifetime to develop was in limbo, or so it felt….

I don’t do things in halves! I’ve been immersed in the LIVING ART LIFESTYLE my entire life. I live and breath art in all of its forms, it’s engrained into my DNA and is apparent in all of my daily endeavors. It’s simply who I am, and now is the time to share it with you all.
This is my attempt to reinvent myself in a new world… 

Ever full of wide-eyed optimism, after a lifetime of developing my crafts and years of tireless research, I knew it was time to pivot and push the go-button on LIVING ART LIFESTYLE!!!We’ve sought out the highest quality products and manufacturers to display our exclusive designs, accumulated over tireless years touring Australia.

We invite you to bring the adventure home with you and decorate your everyday with real-life fairy-tale scenes, capturing the essence of Mother Nature’s esoteric magic and wonder…
Peer through the lenses of an Escher shaped looking glass and indulge in untouched, pristine, cascading waterfalls, ancient mystical rainforests, expansive, desolate outback landscapes, tropical surreal dreamscapes, fluffy, furry, and feathered, curious creatures great and small; striking kaleidoscopes of colour, sound and smell, sophisticated taste and texture that you can hold in your hands, shot exclusively for LAL, in secret, far-off and hard to get to destinations that time forgot. 
Join us on an epic adventure down the rabbit hole and along the yellow brick road, as we make memories together, introducing you to realm of colourful characters and sharing a swag full of stories steeped in history that transport you through time and space.
Our team is delighted to share our finely curated selection of fresh and exclusive designer collections, with new product lines and collections added to the store regularly.  
As you can probably tell by now, there is more to the story, and this is just the beginning…
So choose your own adventure
Experience the Living Art Lifestyle…
The Love of Your Life