The Art of Reinvention; How to Pirouette & Pivot to Prosper in a Pandemic (Part 2)

The Art of Reinvention; How to Pirouette & Pivot to Prosper in a Pandemic (Part 2)


Kieran Wicks' Footprint in sand on Fraser Island filming One Town at a Time Series for Living Art Lifestyle

As I set out on this epic pilgrimage across the wide brown land with my guitar  in hand some seven years past, little did I know what was to come. Armed with a blotchy blue print, outdated incomplete maps and a few spare parts, a loose vision was in my mind’s eye of what I wanted to achieve. 

 Touring Musician and Film Maker Kieran Wicks standing in Front of Large Metal Artwork Spelling Wide Brown Land, at Australian National Botanic Gardens Canberra. Living Art Lifestyle

 At the Australian National Botanic Gardens Canberra


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Blurred at first, as I ventured further down the path of personal discovery, the vision changed as I diverted to unforeseen locales, following where the work led me. New characters came and left, whilst others are still with me.

All I knew was that I wanted to travel and play music whilst filming my expeditions and write songs about the characters and lessons learnt along the path.

Bloomfield Track Daintree Rainforest, Kieran Wicks taking a photo of a Crocodile on the banks on the Daintree River Queensland.

"That's as close as I like them"
 Taking a photo of a croc on the banks on the Daintree River, from the relative safety of the Bloomfield Track. 


“It’s your movie”, as my dear friend Roger Bussell likes to remind me.

I had spent my entire adult life developing multiple skillsets with a singular focus… Art

And I'll be damned if i ever let it all go to waste.


Don’t rush in, but don’t hesitate when conditions are right.

I needed stillness and time to process the dream.

I needed the time and space to create and manifest the vision I’ve held in my third eye for the longest time.


One Town at a Time (OTAAT) Productions are a culmination of the stories and narrative forms that have been developed over the years, waiting till … NOW!!!


I hold myself accountable and always strive to accomplish the things I set out to achieve to my own personally high standards. Which has stunted my creative output, as to what ‘artworks’ projects I was happy to see the light of day.

 I am also somewhat of a perfectionist, limited by own capabilities - skillsets and resources.

I also agonized over what kind of format that OTAAT had to be…

Before realizing that OTAAT is many things. It’s about sharing stories, some stories are long, some are only but a few words.

As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words… Well there is more than one way to tell a story. And that is what Living Art Lifestyle is all about sharing stories. 

Crocodile running in full stride. Cow Bay Daintree Rainforest Queensland

The Cow Bay locals in the Daintree said that they are only quick over short distances.
Really! What does that mean exactly? Quick over short distances!?! The shortest foot race at the Olympics is the 100m sprint! 



“You will find if you seek, more ways to live your life than you could ever dream…”

From One Town at a Time by Kieran Wicks

Snorkeling on the great barrier reef through a school of colourful tropical fish

"A vision board of inspiration, and a repository of knowledge accumulated over a lifetime of dedication to my chosen crafts".

Inner Desire Collection, Trees in the Sunset 360 Little planet

Knowledge is the key and it’s hidden all around the world, with certain knowledge only found at the source. It must be experienced first-hand for an initiation in the evolution of consciousness to take effect.

Tree of Knowledge Barcaldine, Queensland. Historical site where the Australian Labor Party was formed
Tree of Knowledge Barcaldine, Queensland. Historical site where the Australian Labor Party was formed. 


A roadmap without a destination, travel to every point on the map, that’s the road map.

Missionary style, spread the good word!

The gospel of you.

Analogous of the old Age of Empire video game, the map that only gets uncovered as you explore new lands.

It’s the same with your mind.

Travel undoubtedly broadens one’s mind and perspective.

A map of the Australian Inland Mission, the predecessor to John Flynn's Royal Flying Doctor Service, found at the Stockmans Hall of Fame Longreach.


 The Australian Inland Mission,
Predecessor to John Flynn's Royal Flying Doctor Service


I feel from personal experience, that I empathise with a wider array of society than I ever did prior to travelling, as a result of having gone out and met these people, spoken with them, heard their stories, seen the multitude of lifestyles that embody the cultural fabric of our nation. 

 Sign Post in front of Dimboola Post Office Victoria, Directions to multiple towns and cities, One Town at a time Docuseries Banner

Where do we go from here? - Signpost in Dimboola, Victoria


“Pablo Picaso was a prolific artist creating some 50,000 artworks in his lifetime, paintings, scultputures, print and drawings. Not every piece he created was a masterpiece, many of his works look like failed experiments.
Often times you can see him trying to express an idea / concept but not quite achieving it, but then the same idea turns up in a later piece In it’s fully developed form.
I believe using this approach, using your work to develop ideas and making it your goal to create consistently is the reason we know Picasso’s name and work today.
History tells us that Picasso treated those he loved with equal parts admiration and abandonment, but he never abandoned his ideas.
We would do well to approach our content creation in the same way. Don’t put to much importance on any single piece of content.
Instead, see your content as a body of work, that as a whole supports your business.
No one piece needs to carry the full burden and every piece you make will help make the next piece even better”.
Pamela Wilson, Author Master Content Strategy.



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A polymathic touring musician, film maker, historian and producer, for the past 8 years Kieran Wicks has navigated the Great Southern Land of Australia performing hundreds of shows to ravenous audiences, whilst simultaneously developing a vast catalogue of interviews, images and videos in the production of multiple formative docuseries including 'One Town at a Time', which records his musical journey, immersed in poignant, forgotten Australian history and poetry, in archives such as 'Gold Rush Stories' and 'Poetry of the Pioneers'.

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