Crocodile Skeleton fossil Darwin Museum NT Crocodylus Park

Crocodylus Park - Darwin, NT

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Crocodylus Park Darwin NT


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With only a few days in the top end we went on a whirlwind tour of Darwin to gather a sense of the place. 

So naturally we ventured past the crocodile farm for a bit of a looksee.

Founded by one of Australia's world-known zoologists, Professor Grahame Webb, Crocodylus Park opened in 1994.

"Professor Grahame Webb has been actively involved in reptile research and the conservation and management of wildlife resources globally since the 1960s. He is regarded by many as one of the world’s leading authorities on crocodilian research and management, and on the concept of conserving wildlife through sustainable use programs. Crocodylus Park offers an educational experience, hinged on over four decades of academic research on crocodiles, other wildlife and contributions to over 200 academic publications. It continues to play an integral part in the research and education efforts on crocodiles globally and serves as a public education forum on crocodiles unequalled anywhere in the world."

Kieran Wicks holding an Orange and White stripped snake in Darwin Crocodylus Park

A full day of entertainment, Crocodylus Park offers wildlife conservation with a bit of bite, offering the opportunity to get up close and personal and come eye to eye with literal dinosaurs.

Home to over hundreds of crocodiles as well as other exotic wildlife from all over the world such as lions, tigers, meercats, dingoes and 5m long crocs you can feed on a jumping croc cruise, as well as a museum.

Over 10,000 crocs are onsite with some farmed for their meat, skin and anything else they use bits of crocodile for I imagine.

What part of the croc is good eating?

Apparently this seafood is really healthy for you, similar to pork, but with flavor more akin to chicken. With a choice cut being the tail where their fat supply sits, which is a delicacy.

Crocodylus Park Darwin NT

Kieran Wicks at East Point Reserve Darwin overlooking the City across the bay

Darwin Museum NT Historical Newspaper Front Page banner of Huge Crocodile THE LARGEST CROCODILE EVER CAUGHT! - KRYS THE SAVANNAH KING - NORMANTON QLDThe Muttabuttasuarus; The Most Intact Dinosaur Fossil Ever Found - Central QLDThe Bombing of Darwin memorial plaque and information sign in Darwin Northern Territory


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