Things Start Speeding Up is the provoking lead single from Australian troubadour Kieran Wicks, setting the tone of his defiant new album Sticking to My Guns.

One Town at a Time - Intro Show Reel

Your Lucky Day - By Kieran Wicks - Times & Places Live and Acoustic


Sticking to My Guns - (Full Album MP3)

The full album in MP3 format.

         i.            One Town at a Time

       ii.            The Longing

      iii.            Running in Slow Motion

     iv.            The Gallows

       v.            Forever and a Day

     vi.            Ouroboros

    vii.            Sticking to My Guns

  viii.            Lucid

     ix.            Things Start Speeding Up

Produced by Kieran Wicks and Steven Dawson

Engineered and mixed by Steven Dawson at House of Trousers Studios Adamstown

Drums and Bass engineered by Luke Price in Melbourne

Orchestral Arrangement by Kieran Wicks and Peter Bird

Vocal Coach – Peter Bird

Vocals recorded at Sawtooth Studios Newcastle

Guitars recorded at House of Trousers Studios Wallsend

Horns / Strings / Keys / Didgeridoo / Mandolin / Percussion recorded at House of Trousers Studios Adamstown.

Mastered by Brian ‘Big Bass’ Gardener

Artwork – Stuart Moncrieff

Photography – Stuart Moncrieff & Kieran Wicks

All songs written by Kieran Wicks.

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