“Every riff is like a picture it tells a thousand words. Every song is my story, each lesson that I’ve learned,“ (A 1000 Words)

Just as fairy tales, fables and nursery rhymes used to parody the royal and political events of the day, so too did the work of The Kings Fool. The Kings Fool's set featured songs about lessons learned from a host of characters whose stories are familiar to those young and old alike, from Jack and the Bean Stalk, to The Boy Who Cried Wolf, to The Three Little Pigs and The Tortoise and the Hare.

These are fundamental life lessons that many of us forget as we get older. The Kings Fool explores the deeper, darker themes of history, current affairs and our own personal self-examination. Riddles and rhyme the tools by which an audience deciphers deeper, hidden, personal meanings for themselves in their own time, when they are ready, when, for most of us, the historical events relationship to the nursery rhymes themselves are long forgotten!”

The Kings Fool encompassed more than 5 years of the journey and the vehicle that would morph into Hunter & King in its final years and the genesis of most of the material that Hunter & King would go onto produce and record.

The Kings Fool originally (2007 - 2010) featured Kieran Wicks (Vocals / Guitar), Paul Addie (Drums) and Peter Bird (bass) before Dave Forbes  brought his authentic rock and roll swagger to The Kings Fools line-up (2009).

Forbes and Addie are both the first bona-fide rock stars that I ever shared a stage with, and Bird literally taught me about the freedom of expression in performance and wildness of imagination. He is still one of the funniest guys that I know.

I learnt a lot from the guys in this band, about life, music and subjects to numerous to list. It was an incredible period of growth and forced consciousness expansion and I'm eternally grateful to those whom i shared it with...

Image Created by The Courtney Laura

Image Created by The Courtney Laura

The Kings Fool - Tomorrow When The War Began

  • Kieran Wicks - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
  • Paul Addie - Drums & Backing Vocals
  • Peter Bird - Bass & Backing Vocals
  • Dave Forbes - Lead Guitar
  • Steve Dawson - Sound Engineer

Produced By The Kings Fool