Black Hill

by Synchronic

Kieran Wicks - Vocals

Ben Maddox - Guitar

Luke Topic - Guitar

Clint Topic - Bass

Shane Boaden - Drums


Live Tracks Recorded in Black Hill Circa 2002


This is all that remains of over four years of songwriting; one recorded and mixed track in "September" and half a dozen live tracks recorded in our rehearsal space on Ben's property out in Black Hill, on the western slopes of Mt. Sugarloaf, 'back in the day'.

These guys were true music aficionados, great song-writers and players, and every muso i have worked with since has had to live up to the legacy these guys left on my young impressionable music mind.

All of the guys gave me a strong foundation and you can still hear the influence across my music to this day.

This recording which is affectionately titled Black Hill makes me incredibly nostalgic every time I hear it. I have included this here for archival purposes and because I was and am damn proud of the music we made together.


Picture above is some friends of ours with three of us from Synchronic and one of our greatest musical influences Jeff Martin.

L-R Adam Hulbert, Clint Topic, Simon Mudge, Jeff Martin, Luke Topic, Kieran Wicks