I have amassed a substantial catalogue of songs that i have written over the years. Recording tracks 'properly' can be a time consuming and costly exercise and production perfectionism can often stifle creative flow and prohibit any 'art' being shared and consumed...

As such I intend to showcase some of the more enduring songs that are close to my heart and indicative of where i am now as an artist by recording live video of me playing the tracks and releasing them 'warts n all'.


Things Start Speeding Up

Written and Performed by Kieran Wicks


Written and Performed by Kieran Wicks

Written by Kieran Wicks
  • Kieran Wicks - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Bass  
  • Paul Addie - Drums
  • Tom Shepherd - Lead Guitar
  • Peter Bird - Tuba / Trumpet
  • Steven Dawson - Engineer
  • Produced by Wicks & Dawson