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Henry Lawson is regarded as one of Australia's greatest poets.

Whilst Lawson’s prose is lauded by literary romanticists, Henry’s mother Louisa, played an equally, if not more so, prolific role in the maturation of the Australian identity, as a central figure in the Australian Suffragette movement.

She and son Henry edited what was considered a radical pro-federation newspaper called The Republican in 1887-88, which was printed on an old press in Louisa's cottage.

The Republican called for an Australian republic uniting under 'the flag of a Federated Australia, the Great Republic of the Southern Seas'. 

But it was Louisa’s proceeding publication The Dawn, and the subsequent founding of The Dawn Club in 1889, that was to have the most impact, becoming the hub of the suffrage movement in Sydney.


The New South Wales Women's Suffrage League formed in 1891 to campaign for women's suffrage, and Lawson allowed the League to use the Dawn office to print pamphlets and literature free of charge.

In 1902, when the New South Wales Womanhood Suffrage Bill was passed, giving woman the vote, Louisa Lawson was introduced to the members of Parliament as 'The Mother of Suffrage in New South Wales'.

Henry Lawson's Childhood Home

You can find these colonial ruins on Henry Lawson Drive 8 km north of Mudgee, in a place called Eurunderee, known as Pipeclay in Lawson’s time.

One of the miners attracted to the district by the gold rush was a bloke called Niels Peter Larsen, who married a woman by the name of Louisa Albury in Mudgee in 1866, changing their names to Peter and Louisa Lawson with the birth of their son Henry in Grenfell 1867. 

Many of Lawson’s stories and poems are framed in the Mudgee district’s scenery where he grew till the age of 15.

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