Things Start Speeding Up is the provoking lead single from Australian troubadour Kieran Wicks, setting the tone of his defiant new album Sticking to My Guns.

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Performed by 7 musical luminaries Sticking to My Guns is a psychoacoustic production masterpiece incorporating 20 different instruments.

"An epicurean melting pot engaging a kaleidoscope of senses in its experience. It's all here; the elements of raw emotion, poetic observation, exceptional musicianship, driving, tribal, caveman rhythms, soaring lead guitar, impassioned melody, thick grooving basslines, rich wistful harmonies, and a heartbreaking palette of strings, keys, horns and didgeridoo, animating perennial tales served up on tasty, tasty hooks".


Kieran Wicks – Vocals / 6 string, 12 string, electric and slide guitars / percussion.

Luke Price – Bass / Drums

Peter Bird – Backing Vocals / Saxophone / Tuba / Trumpet / Clarinet / Kazoo

Jason Tyler – Keyboard / Piano / Organ

Nick Munro – Violin / Mandolin

Carmen Corser – Cello

Reuben Andrew – Didgeridoo


Produced by Kieran Wicks and Steven Dawson

Engineered & Mixed by Steven Dawson at Dawson Audio Adamstown

Drums and Bass engineered by Luke Price in Melbourne.

Orchestral Arrangement by Kieran Wicks and Peter Bird

Vocal Coaching by Peter Bird

Mastered by Brian ‘Big Bass’ Gardener

Artwork by Stuart Moncrieff

Photography by Stuart Moncrieff & Kieran Wicks